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About Andaman

Andaman has always been an exciting place for various water sports and is suitable for adventure sports like Scuba Diving, Skiing, Sailing, Para Sailing, Wind Surfing, Snorkeling etc. Trekking through the thick evergreen forests and island camping in beach front forests are some of the other renowned adventure activities. This unique complex offers all possible aqua-sport facilities like Water-skiing, Sail boats, Windsurfing, Speed Boats etc and it ensures safe water sports like Paddle Boats, Row Boats etc. There is a sea water swimming pool and a change room. It has huge reserves as well and there is also a Memorial for the Battle of Aberdeen fought between Britishers and Andamanese in 1859. Children will have a gala time as there is an Amusement Park with pleasure rides.

Diving in Andaman waters is actually a fascinating world of under-water marine life, varieties of colorful fishes, rarest of the coral reefs in the world, mysterious remains of sunken ships etc. All these can be explored through SCUBA diving. Cinque Island North Point, South east reef at Cinque Island, Rutland Island, corruption rock, Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park are the important dive sites nearest to south Andaman Islands. Other than Fish rock, Bala reef are some sites at Havelock Island that offer good scope for SCUBA diving. Most of the dive operators in Andaman are also based in Havelock Island.

By Air

Port Bair, is connected with Chennai, Kolkata, New Delhi and Bhubaneswar by air. Air India, Jet Airways, Jetlite, Go Air & Spice Jet Airlines operate regular flights. Foreign chartered flights are also permitted to land at Port Blair subject to the fulfillment of guidelines of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

By Ship

Regular passenger ship services are available to Port Blair from Chennai, Kolkata and Visakhapatnam and back. There are three to four sailings every month from Kolkata and Chennai to Port Blair and vice-versa. There is only one sailing for Visakhapatnam in a month. The voyage takes about 50 to 60 hours and the ship normally berths at Port Blair for about two to four days.

Location Details

Since pre-historic times, these islands have been the home of aboriginal tribes. But the first settlement by the British took place in 1789, which was later abandoned in 1796. The second settlement was basically a penal settlement, taken up in 1858, the year after the First War of Indian Independence, followed by the settlement of convicts, some criminal tribes from Central and United Provinces, refugees from erstwhile East Pakistan and Sri Lanka as well as ex-servicemen.


Area & Distance
Total Area 8249 Sq.km
Andaman District 6408 Sq.km
Nicobar District 1841 Sq.km
URBAN AREA 16.64 Sq.km
RURAL AREA 8232.36 Sq.km
Distance by Sea (In Kms.)  
Between Port Blair & Chennai 1190 Kms.
Between Port Blair & Calcutta 1255 Kms.
Between Port Blair & Vishakapatnam 1200 Kms.
Distance by Air Kms.  
Between Calcutta & Port Blair 1303 Kms.
Between Chennai & Port Blair 1330 Kms.


Mainland –Island Ship Fare with effect from 8th June, 2012

Name of Vessel

Class of Accommodation

Fare per berth for Islanders (In Rs.)

Fare per berth for Tourist/Non-islanders (In Rs.)

M.V. Swaraj Dweep / M.V. Nancowry / M.V. Nicobar


4140.00 8020.00

1st Class Cabin

3740.00 6640.00

2nd Class Cabin

2810.00 5280.00

2nd Class 'B' Cabin

750.00 2060.00
M.V. Harshvardhana


4140.00 8020.00

1st Class Cabin

3740.00 6640.00

2nd Class 'A' Cabin

2810.00 5280.00

2nd Class 'B' Cabin

2470.00 4080.00


750.00 2060.00
M.V. Akbar Deluxe 4140.00 8020.00
1st Class Cabin 3600.00 5670.00
2nd Class Cabin 1880.00 3450.00
Bunk 690.00 1790.00


Sea Plane Schedule:


From To Departure Arrival Normal Fare (In Rs.)
  Port Blair Havelock 0730 hrs. 0750 hrs. 4100/-
Havelock Port Blair 0800 hrs. 0820 hrs. 4100/-
Port Blair Hut Bay 0900 hrs. 0935 hrs. 7171/-
Hut Bay Port Blair 0945 hrs. 1020 hrs. 7171/-
Port Blair Diglipur 1045 hrs. 1135 hrs. 10500/-
Diglipur Port Blair 1145 hrs. 1235 hrs. 10500/-
Port Blair Havelock 1245 hrs. 1305 hrs. 4100/-
Havelock Port Blair 1315 hrs. 1335 hrs. 4100/-


Seaplane services on following tourist circuits* can also be explored.

Sl. No. From To Fare (In Rs.)
1 Havelock Diglipur (via Barren Island) 6,999/-
2 Port Blair Barren Island Aerial View-Port Blair 7,499/-
3 Port Blair Diglipur-via-Barren Island Aerial View 7,499/-
4 Havelock Barren Island and back to Havelock 4,999/-